Material Specification :

Core material               :    galvanized steel with minimum 5,500 kg/cm2 yield stress, 

                                         processed using Hot Dip Galvanized method Standard thickness 

                                         0.75 mm, 0.80 mm and 1.00 mm TCT

Material standard         :    ASTM A 653 – 996 ; G550 Hi-Ten

Wave height                 :    30 – 40 mm

Effective width             :    900 mm & 1000 mm

Length                         :    Max. 12000 mm (adjusted to transport vehicles)

APLUSDECK is used on multistory buildings like apartments, office buildings, shophouses, factories, and so on.
Made from high quality material with multi purposes. Very EFFICIENT when used on high rise buildings.
Looks neat upon application Easy to install and practical
  1. Serves double purposes as permanent formwork and one way positive rebar. It is time efficient and result in faster work by eliminating time needed to make and dismantle formwork. Metal work in pulled parts can be reduced or even eliminated as it has been substituted by APLUSDECK.
  2. Fast and easy to use on both concrete and steel construction.
  3. APLUSDECK can be directly used as ceiling.
  4. Passed flexibility and loading test as well as fire test.
APLUSDECK is a refinement of floordeck products which are widely available in the market. We produce using sophisticated machineries to produce high quality products with high precision. The textured pattern can provide much stronger grip compared to other floordecks after it is casted. This strong grip can prevent vibration or shake.