Aplus Truss

A-Truss is lightweight steel material for roof truss installation. This material is better known as APLUS lightweight steel roof truss. The advantages of this lightweight steel product is the ease of installation,

high quality Hi-Ten G550 (nationally certified), AISIbased drawing and design, anti corrosion and fire resistant. APLUS has design and weight calculation software which follows AISI (American Iron and Steel

Institute) standards. 

APLUS Truss’ software has been tested by governmental institutions such as the Laboratory of Civil Engineering Structures of ITB. We cooperate with the Laboratory of Civil Engineering Structures of

ITB and the Ministry of Public Work for load testing of APLUS materials.

Lightweight Steel Frame features:

  1. Lightweight and low cost.
  2. Easy to install, short working time and durable for
  3. fast return on investment.
  4. Very easy and good insulation placement.
  5. Environmentally friendly as the material is recyclable.

Aplus Lightweight Steel Frame can be used to build wall frame on industrial buildings.

Aplus Lightweight Steel Frame is very easy to use, fast and cost efficient. Cement board or cement block can be used for exterior wall finishing.