Aplus Steel Round Pipe

Steel Round Pipe is commonly used as support pillars, fence or furniture.
Size           : It has varied size from 16mm diameter to 101.6 diameter.
Thickness   : 0.6mm – 3.0mm.
Length       : 6 meter.
Standard    : A500A ASTM, BS1387, JIS, DIN2444/2440, EN39.
Usage        : Structure, Fence, Canopy.
                  Other Aplus material product
                  CRC 0,2mm/0,25mm
                  can also be used for broomstick (1/2” x 4m’).
                  Also galvanize pipe 2 1/2”x6m, thickness 0,7mm can be used for parabole’s handle.
Type          : galvanized steel pipe, colored steel pipe, polyethylene coated steel pipe.