Aplus Screw TEK

TEK screws are easy to install for roof and cladding. TEK screws have screwhead size type 5/16, sharp and strong. These screws can be used for installment on hollow metal, C channel, and H beam. Screw length is variable, depending on usage need. This screw model is very easy to install as this screw profile can lock itself. Specification refer to ASTM C 1002.

Installation Instructions

  1. Applied area such as wood, metal, lightweight steel, and so on will be adapted to screw size requirement.
  2. TEK screws have to be applied vertically toward applied area.
  3. We recommend TEK screws design.
  4. Make sure the screws are not applied too tightly, but tight enough with enough compressive forces to lock the screws.
  5. Screw installer tool / machine must be set so that it is not too quick and strong on application.

Picture Description:

  1. TEK steel screws are used for lightweight metal with 1.25mm to 3mm application thickness.
  2. TEK screws are used for application on metal sheets and H-Beam.
  3. Stitching Screws are used for joints between metal sheets and for flashing.