Aplus Gyptile

Aplus Gyptile is Ceiling Panels with textures and paint finishes, suitable for ceiling applications in the project office, hotel, hospital, Shopping, and shopping centers.

  • Dimensions, 600x1200 and 600x600, 9 mm thick
  • Type, Crystal and Diamond Manufactured in accordance with ASTM C36
  • Conditions of application, RH humidity 5-90% and a temperature of 5-40 °C.


Standard material ASTM C 1396 Standard Specification for Gypsum board.

Application Standard ASTM C636 standard Practice for Installation of Metal Ceiling Suspension Systems for Acoustical Tile and Lay-in Panels.


Aplus Gyptile have a fire resistance 90-120 minutes.

Hold Slack

Aplus gyptile have minimal slack characteristic = 2 mm.

Humidity Resistant

All types have been tested Aplus gyptile humidity up to 95% RH at 30 ° C.

Withstand Load Capacity

The maximum weight that can be charged directly to Aplus Gyptile 3 kg.

Reflect Light Better

Aplus Gyptile able to reflect light 84% - 88%, thereby reducing the use of lighting in the room.

Better Sound Absorption Capability

Aplus Gyptile yield the highest sound absorption in the human voice frequency (125-1000Hz) compared with other materials.