Aplus Cornice Adhesive

Aplus Cornice Adhesive can be used to covering the wall cracks or unsmooth surfaces and tiny holes at the wall.
For the mixing it only needs clean water. This application can only be used for interior purpose.
Specification refer to ASTM C 475.
Product Data

Working Time : 15 minutes

Preparation Time : 18 minutes

Adhesion Time : 1 minute

Drying Time : approximately 48 hours

Mixing Ratio : 2 parts of cornice adhesive, 1 part of clean water Capacity : 20 kg to stick / join 180 m profile lists

Lifetime : 9 months – 12 months

Storage : It is recommended to be stored in sealed condition and dry, avoid high temperature areas

Packaging : 1 zak: 5kg or 20kg.


Mixing Method
  • Always use clean water and container.
  • Pour cornice adhesive into 10-12 liter water with 20 kg cornice adhesive.
  • Leave for 1-2 minutes, mix thoroughly until it thickens.
  • Avoid stirring for too long as it will fasten drying time.
  • Every time the mixing is done, avoid possibility of mixing with the previous mixture or other types of mixture. This will fasten the drying.