Aplus Board


Composition Magnesium Oxide and Calcium Carbonate 
Acoustic (Sound Reduction) : 40dB
Impact Strength 5Kg/m2
Moisture Movement 0.016%
Moisture Absorption < 26.80%
Flexural Strength : 5.04N/mm2
Thermal Conductivity : 0.135W/mK
Nail Pull Resistence : Approximate 730N
Tensile Strength : 11Mpa
Falmaldehyde Release : 0.07mg/L
Right Angle & Diagonal : < 2.5mm
Celling Application : Frame 40 x 120 cm for 3.5mm
    Frame 48 x 120 cm for 4.5mm
    Frame 60 x 120 cm for 6mm
Chemical Resistance    
Acid Resistant   : No obvious change after 24 hours
    submerged in 2.5% Hydrochloric Acid
Alkali Resistant : No obvious change after 24 hours
    submerged in 2.5% Hydrochloric Acid
Saline Resistant : No obvious change after the subtract
    submerged into 4% saline solution after 72 hours
Aplus Weather board tested
in accordance to :
BS476 Part 4 : 1970  :  Non-Combustibility and GB 8624-1997A
BS476 Part 6 : 1989  :  Fire Propagation Test
BS476 Part 4 : 1997 : Large Scale Fire Spread
ASTM C1185-96 : Flexural Strength Test
ASTM C1185-96 : Moisture Movement Test
ASTM C1185-96 : Water Absorption Test
ASTM C79/C79M-00 : Nail Pull Resistance Test
ASTM C518 : 1991 : Thermal Conductivity Test

Anti Termiite, Strong & Flexible. Fire resistant, Nailable. Workable, No Delamination, Paintable, Waterproof, Cementable.      

Product Variety  
Board with chamner list, dot nail, flooring, plank (wooden grain and plain)  exterior, slade roof, exterior cladding, exterior soffit          

Interior, Exterior, Wetting Room, Partition, Plafond, Furniture  

Variety Quality  
Semi Finish with Combination Premium Finish Quality with Combination